Protect your valuable equipment while reducing facility operating costs with EnergyAware

Introducing EnergyAware UPS Storage Solutions

Eaton’s EnergyAware allows you to do more with deployed assets. It enables your facility to support sustainable energy solutions, optimize costs, and earn additional revenue from your currently deployed assets, all while maintaining complete control of your UPS and battery assets.

Why choose Eaton EnergyWare?

Demand Charge Management

Discharging at peak times allows users to avoid demand charges

Time-of-Use Optimization

EnergyAware shifts energy consumption to avoid peak energy usage

Asset Aggregation

Manage multiple assets in a building or campus to work as a single entity

Increase your bottom line with UPS and battery assets

Eaton EnergyWare UPS will reduce costly demand charges for your utility rate structure. It can also supplement your UPS battery loads during periods of high energy rates, and recharge batteries during times of low energy prices. With long-life lithium batteries, EnergyAware is ideal if your UPS assets are in need of battery replacements.

Eaton wins the 2018 DCD award

Data Center Dynamics (DCD) announced the winners of the annual DCD Awards, celebrating the industry’s best data center projects. Eaton and Microsoft’s new UPS technology project received the Mission Critical Data Center Innovation award at the 2018 Data Center Dynamics Awards.

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