GrowSaver by Sanuvox


BioWall UVC Air Disinfection

The BioWall UVC air disinfection system is installed in the return or supply ducting of an HVAC system to disinfect airborne mold, virus, bacteria and carbon based odors. The system is comprised of 5 lamps, each secured in their own parabolic aluminum reflector for maximum UVC intensity. In addition, the BioWall is installed parallel to airflow to achieve the maximum amount of contact time with the airborne contaminants.

This patented system can be utilized for even the largest air handler units and is sized using Sanuvox proprietary sizing software specific to the facility. It is ideal for any building equipped with a HVAC system.

The ballast/control box is equipped with BMS dry contacts to work with any building automation system.




The Sanuvox Quattro system is designed for the disinfection of airborne mold, virus, bacteria and common odors up to a 5-ton HVAC system.

The Quattro is installed in a return or supply duct parallel to airflow for maximum exposure time and consists of four 18″ lamps, each with their own parabolic aluminum reflector.




The Green Clean HRV-F is designed to purify air brought in through an ERV/HRV unit. This purifier is designed to be spliced into the ducting leading to the ERV/HRV for the disinfection of molds, virus, bacteria commonly brought in through the ERV/HRV.The unit is equipped with a high intensity UV-C lamp parallel to airflow for maximum air disinfection.


Features and Benefits

GC Odorwall

The Green Clean ODORWALL system uses the power of the sun’s UV rays to eliminate terpene odors by up to 99% in cannabis cultivation exhaust ducting or greenhouses.

Applying a patented technology with high-intensity UV lamps installed in a diagonal arrangement inside the duct, outstanding results are achieved on even the strongest of cannabis odors

Features and Benefits


The patented Green Clean IL system is designed to prevent
and destroy mold and other microbial contaminants from
growing on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas.
The microbial growth, called biofilm, coats the surface of
the coils and negatively impacts heat transfer efficiency
severely affecting Air Handler performance.

The GC IL provides a chemical free solution to maintaining
coil cleanliness, efficiency, longevity, and overall Air
Handler Performance. Sanuvox is the only UV company to
utilize high-intensity T6 UV-C lamps mounted on anodized
aluminum parabolic reflectors for higher UV-C output and
the longest lamp life in the industry. These lamps do to
produce ozone.

Features and Benefits

IL Coil Clean

The IL Coil Clean disinfects evaporator coils to prevent the growth of biofilms and mold. It is ideal for any building equipped with an HVAC system. The IL Coil Clean can be installed on either side of the evaporator coils.

Using a patented and versatile technology, the IL Coil Clean uses high intensity UVC lamps combined with parabolic aluminum reflectors to maximize UVC output on the evaporator coils.

The ballast box is equipped with LED indicators for lamp status as well as dry contacts for any BMS remote monitoring system.

The IL Coil Clean has very low maintenance that consists of changing the UV lamps after 17,000 hours of use.


Air Purification Unit with HEPA Filter

Sanuvair® S300

Designed for homeowners who want the combined performance of HEPA filtration, UV air purification and odor removal in one self-contained unit. The Sanuvair® S300 disinfects and captures airborne contaminants, odors and particles using a stand-alone unit.

The Sanuvair® S300 is the most versatile unit Sanuvox offers with its various installation options.