Starline Track Busway by Universal Electric

Busway (40-1200 Amps)

Starline Track Busway forged the way for a completely new product class by combining features of track lighting with traditional overhead busway. The result is a family of Starline Track Busway power distribution products which include quick plug-in receptacles, continuous access along the entire bus-run, bus-run lengths not limited to 20 foot runs like track lighting, true grid configurations, and lightweight aluminum housings for industrial use and designed for high-end retail lighting use. Starline Track Busway is successfully applied in industrial lighting, communication line power, and mission critical data center power, convention center power and lighting, grocery stores, auto assembly lines, higher education laboratories and clean rooms.

Starline Plug-In Raceway by Universal Electric

Raceway (30 Amps)

The Future of Raceway is Starline

Introducing Starline Plug-In Raceway – the next generation in raceway systems from Universal Electric Corporation created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, and university labs; hospitals and data labs. Starline’s innovative design offers a flexibility that no other product on the market offers the ability to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily, eliminating the added cost of an electrician to reconfigure circuits, receptacles and wiring.

Insulated copper bus bars are preinstalled in the raceway sections and with Starline Plug-In Raceway, you simply snap the pre-assembled plug-in modules into place on the raceway backplane and the connection to power is made automatically without having to interrupt power. An optional Datacom channel is available for data, video and audio applications. And computer and phone jacks can be placed at any location on the cable channel quickly and easily. By choosing Starline Plug-In Raceway for your facilities power distribution and Datacom requirements, you’re getting a reliable product from one of the industries leading manufactures; Starline.

Starline Plug-In Raceway Options

  • Available in 20, 40 or 60 amps bussing; 120V or 240V; 5 wire.
  • Customizable lengths of raceway sections up to 10ft.
  • Optional Isolated Ground
  • Various Plug-In Modules are available complete with breaker and receptacle, and can be relocated anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily.
  • Plug-in modules are available in single phase and three phase configurations up to 30 amps.
  • A variety of Power Feeds, Elbows and Fittings are available.
    Field-cutting of elbows for precise jobsite fit.
  • A datacom channel is available for data, video and audio applications.
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