Eaton xStorage 400 Energy Storage for DC EV Charging Stations


Enabling the energy transition with energy storage

Capture energy whenever it’s available and use it on demand. You’ll see immediate gains in reliability and realize greater independence from the utility grid. This transformational technology revolutionizes power for all with energy storage systems for commercial and industrial applications.

xStorage 400 energy storage system

Eaton’s solution for rising energy demand at electric vehical (EV) DC fast charging stations.

The xStorage 400 features high-power battery storage to help facility owners and operators offset the cost of rising energy demands. In addition, it can generate revenue as it acts as an asset on the local grid. Unlike expensive demand charges and electrical infrastructure upgrades, the xStorage 400 offers low-cost energy when facilities needs it most.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure


The xStorage 400 allows EVCI networks to better manage and distribute peak demand to save money on energy costs, reduce their impact on electrical infrastructure, and earn revenue from grid support programs.