Immersion & Liquid Cooling for Data Centers


Data Center & Crypto Mining Liquid Cooling Solutions

Since Bitcoin was launched in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has become increasingly attractive for investors and as a convenient method of paying for goods and services. Cryptocurrency, a type of digital currency, uses blockchain, a secure, unalterable, decentralized ledger that keeps track of transactions. The technology allows peer to peer transactions with no intermediary, such as a bank, which allows them to take place efficiently. Blockchain could also be used for transactions in a variety of industries, including finance, retail and real estate.
Cryptocurrency mining can be roughly divided into two segments: Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining. However, mining requires a high energy consumption, which is why reliable cooling solutions are essential for improving energy efficiency. Liquid cooling can be used for direct to chip, as well as for immersion cooling, which involves submerging computer hardware into a dielectric fluid.
There are two types of fluids: single phase and two-phase coolants. Single phase coolants are water or synthetic-based and always remain in their liquid state and two-phase coolants boil and the rising vapour facilitates heat transfer.

The system is available as a single loop, double loop or condensation loop.


Independent miners are the heart of decentralisation for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Any computing miner connected to the network and processing the cryptography is part of the ecosystem. This guarantees that no single entity is capable of processing and validating over 51% of the transaction blocks, allowing for the potential overwriting of the Bitcoin protocol and counterfeiting the cryptocurrency. The amount of energy consumed by the Bitcoin network is determined by the hash rate: the price of the currency and the cost of electricity.

There are many practical reasons for independent mining farms to adopt liquid cooling, including higher rack densities, pressure to reduce energy consumption and space constraints.

Turnkey solutions include complete mechanical liquid cooling systems, comprising a highly efficient heat exchanger, energy efficient fans and a reliable pump. Additional controls and options are available to improve the total efficiency of the system.

These turnkey solutions are easily integrated in the cooling loop. They offer fluid and tank agnostics, work with all 1 phase dielectric fluids on the market and can be sized accordingly to provide your required cooling at desired duty. Furthermore, they can be connected to any tank size or design and provide the required fluid flow rate for keeping your mining hardware cool.



Bitcoin mining strives for the cheapest energy, making stranded sources, such as flare gases, geothermal, and solar and wind power, the ideal solution. Stranded energy is converted to electricity on site and supports containerised immersion mining centers in remote areas.

Solutions for containerised mining can be configured as air cooled or liquid cooled systems. These cooling containers enable the integration of higher density applications, especially when using customised V-Bank or Dielectric Modular Air Coolers.

Complete turnkey solutions for liquid cooling containers are a flexible and scalable solution. These modular systems can be configured and optimised for duty based on ambient conditions with 1-4 fans. The highly efficient heat exchanger core is perfectly balanced with the compact and robust pumps, as well as controls and options.

Balancing the heat exchanger to the process fluids, available space and ambient conditions is crucial for ensuring that the system operates efficiently. Dry and adiabatic cooling solutions can be tailored and adapted to the pump and placed next to or on top of crypto mining containers.

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