Russelectric Aftermarket Capabilities and Options

State of the art electrical systems purchased and installed in the ‘90s may seemingly continue to get the job done. However, as time goes on, the risk of downtime caused by system failure increases and aging parts may no longer be available as they are phased-out. Then, there’s the problem of “lost knowledge,” which occurs when a younger generation of service personnel loses the know-how to support the older generation of products. If you operate a large critical facility with Russelectric Generator Paralleling and Control Switchgear equipment installed which is more than ten to thirty years old, then now is the time to seriously evaluate your aging equipment. Good news is Russelectric offers aftermarket capabilities and options for existing and aging equipment.


New Russelectric color touchscreens with Intouch software replace old switches, indicator lights and electrical meters. With this upgrade, remote monitoring becomes much easier and provides:
  • Detailed system information, status and a dynamic one-line of equipment
  • Detailed alarm and event history for faster response to problems
  • Optional Joint Commission reporting for healthcare facilities
  • Optional remote access to systems
  • 23” widescreen touch panel


Simulator tools allow personnel to practice and train on the automatic (and manual) operation of Russelectric switchgear themselves. An exact replica of your controls are created to make your simulation as real as possible. Simulation drills occur in the safety and comfort of an office environment without effecting system operation. Personnel can learn to accurately diagnose a wide range of utility generator and breaker problems and to evaluate responses to an almost limitless number of scenarios.

Summary of benefits:

  • Familiarize themselves with the system and its operation
  • Accurately diagnose a wide range of utility, generator, and breaker problems
  • Assess the impact of changes to PLC setpoints such as kW values and time delays by seeing how the system responds
  • Develop and validate site operating and emergency procedures


There are many existing systems out there utilizing legacy or approaching end-of life PLC architecture. Russlectric makes it possible to upgrade control systems to the newest technology with minimal program changes. The latest Russlectric technology increases performance and accommodates advanced communications as it simultaneously improves functionality of the existing equipment.

Upgrading obsolete PLCs eliminates concerns about replacement part availability. Plus, most upgrades can be completed without interruption of critical loads or operational changes.

The bottom line is upgrading or modifying Russelectric generator paralleling and control switchgear is not nearly as daunting as a critical system failure system.

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