Russelectric, A Siemens Business

Russelectric® A Siemens Business, is a global company that custom designs and builds power control systems and equipment to meet the stringent performance and reliability requirements of health care, data, communications, and other critical facilities.


Automatic Transfer Switches

Russelectric® automatic transfer switches are modern, high speed switching devices designed to transfer electrical loads from a preferred power source to an alternate power source when voltage and/or frequency varies from preset limits, and to retransfer loads when preferred source is restored. 

Russelectric®  automatic transfer switches utilize simple electrical operators to provide high-speed quick break, quick-make, preloaded transfers. The operators are connected to the switch mechanism through precision self-aligning, ball joints and heavy-duty linkage rods which prevent misalignment.

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Bypass/Isolation Switches

Russelectric® bypass/isolation switches provide all the functions of a Russelectric automatic transfer switch plus the ability to bypass power from a live source to load in the event the transfer switch is disabled. It also allows the transfer switch to be isolated and de-energized for maintenance, testing, or repair.

  • True drawout construction allows safe, easy removal of the transfer switch and eliminates the need to make any electrical or mechanical disconnections.
  • Russelectric is the only manufacturer that offers both Fail-safe and Maintenance bypass switch designs.
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Paralleling Switch Gear

System Features

  • All systems are UL listed
  • Selector switches for open/closed transition, automatic/manual paralleling of generator or utility sources, and automatic/manual retransfer to normal source provided
  • Active synchronization
  • Redundant PLC controls
  • Soft loading power transfer available

System Operation

  • Choice of either momentary (100 milliseconds or less) paralleling with the utility or sustained paralleling for soft loading.
  • Paralleling of generator sets with the utility (upon return of the utility source after power interruption).
  • System testing in closed-transition mode with no interruption of the load. Generators are paralleled with the utility and the load is transferred to them. Upon completion of testing, the load is retransferred through closed-transition to the utility source without disturbance.
  • Configurable for peak shaving or utility-sponsored load curtailment programs.